Brass Acanthus Fleur Candle

By: Candle Connection

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The Acanthus Fleur design was inspired by the baroque era.  A combination of the acanthus leaf and the fleur de lys gives the design a unique and elegant shape.  Each piece is individually hand cut from brass using a fine tooth jewelers saw in order to intricately cut the details of the design. When the candle is lit from within, a golden light reflects from the brass window radiating luminous rays of light, includes over sized tealight which burn for over 12 hours.

  • Size : 12.5 × 15 cm
  • Delivery time : Within 5 working days

    شمعه مجوفه مزينه بالنحاس تحترق فوق ال 12 ساعه

  • الحجم : 12.5 × 15 سم
  • مدة التوصيل : خلال 5 ايام عمل



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