Beige Camo Multi-Way Turban

By: Taj

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SIMPLY WEAR LIKE A CAP - NO DRAMA - JUST GLAMOUR... WEAR IN MULTIPLE WAYS ... Beautiful PREMADE Wrap round Simply wear like a cap and wrap straps round.. SIMPLE...! Our stunning Head wrap turban meticulously designed headdress. Made to fit perfectly around the crown of the head. It’s pre sewn so you will not have to worry about getting the shape right. Simply wear it and enjoy looking Hollywood amazing! Stretches to fit all head sizes It’s so flexible you can wear it in an easy bun tie up. Simply tie up been pre-tied and pre-sewn straps for your ease.. READY TO WEAR - PREMADE - PRESEWN- JERSEY HEADWRAP TURBAN CAP This is our brand new READY TO WEAR TURBAN CAP. NO NEED TO TIE, NO PINS, NO HASSLE. Simply wear like a cap and be transformed to a Glamour Queen All handmade to high standards, all our head wraps are meticulously made to last years of luxury wear.. 

Material : 100% pure cotton lycra

One size fits most. Our soft 100% cotton fabric will stretch to accommodate petite to large head sizes. Those with petite head sizes may find this cap to fit more loosely than most. 

Just choose

  • Full (covers pinned up long hair)
  • Regular (wear with hair down or to cover short hair) 

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