Chakra Bracelet

By: Makan Bohiemy

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Keep the balance and own this unique chakra bracelet
When worn, help to keep the seven components at their right energy levels. The healing the bracelet wearer receives is determined by the power on the gemstones or crystals. They are meant to absorb any negative energy so that only positive energy is left to be enjoyed.
Amethyst: Crown Chakra - I am Devine
Lapis Lazuli: Third Eye chakra - I am Connected
Turquoise : Throat Chakra - I am Expressive
Malachite : Heart Chakra - I am loved
Tiger Eye: Solar Chakra - I am Strong
Yellow Agate: Sacral Chakra - I am Creative
Smoky Quartz : Root Chakra - I am Safe
Moonstone: For balancing the 7 Chakras

  • Material : Moon stone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, malachite, rose quartz, tiger eye, agate,smoky quarts
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